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Cana Chapel offers a beautifully landscaped outside area which can accomodate 100+ guests. Included are a white bridal gated archway, romantic music, and evening lighting. Guest seating is available upon request.
Chapel If you prefer an indoor ceremony, our charming chapel accomodates up to 25 guests.


Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Sandra Blackwood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackwood
Mr. & Mrs. Julio and Lisa Marie Klapper
Mr. and Mrs. Julio Klapper

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Conroy Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Conroy Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Day, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hubert III

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Guilarducci

Mr. and Mrs. David Erickson






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